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Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Everybody has their own travel style, along with preferred systems and tricks to make it easier, quicker, safer, and more enjoyable. But don't just ask me: I've asked the hardcore travel community to share their own travel secrets. Here are the 25 best secrets of these frequent travelers around the world. 

Research and Booking

Here are some tips for booking cheaply and expediently, as well as taking the pain out of researching your travel arrangements.

1. Clear Your Cookies

Sofie Couwenbergh of Wonderful Wanderings is keen to the tricks of sneaky booking sites, who store cookies on your computer. "Booking websites 'remember' what you came looking for, so when you come back to look at that hotel room/rental car/flight a second time, they'll often show you higher prices to urge you to book quickly. That's why I always search booking sites in an incognito browser window."

2. Use Trip Advisor

Sofie also swears by Trip Advisor to get travel advice from locals. "They'll often be able to give you information you won't find in guide books."

3. Outsource the Legwork

Lea Woodward has lived and traveled around the world for years. If researching transport and accommodation is too time consuming, she says: outsource it! "The travel hackers over at Flightfox take the legwork out of finding the cheapest/best flight options and can save you masses of time, and I use Fancy Hands to do all my initial travel research." (If you're new to outsourcing, here is how Lea started: 20 Tasks Control Freaks Can Outsource)

4. Join the Cartel

The Travel Hacking Cartel, that is! Take the pain out of searching for frequent flyer mile deals by subscribing to a service that sends you timely alerts.
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