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Saturday, July 4, 2015


Medan Niaga Satok is the biggest market in Kuching. It has an assortment of product ranging from vegetables, fruits, taditional snacks to crafts. This brand new structure replaces the old Satok Weekend Market. Medan Niaga Satok has five main complexes housing a farmer's market, a wet and dry market, a plaza, cafeteria as well as a food court. It is situated in Kubah Ria, about 3 km from Kuching.

It is no exaggeration to say one can easily get lost in Medan Niaga Satok, a weekend market so large it houses a staggering 2,500 traders. The market is a lot of fun for tourists, You could get almost everything you want from that place. You want fish? Sure. Want seedlings, they have that too.

Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, is simply unique. No other city in Malaysia has such a romantic and unlikely history, nor displays its charms with such an easy grace. The residents of Kuching (pop. 650,000 approx.) enjoy living here, and take great pride in their fascinating city, which is reflected in their attitude to visitors. Kuching welcomes visitors warmly, but it does not put on an act for them. Instead it goes about its own business in a relaxed manner that hasn’t changed in 160 years. It is impossible to really enjoy Kuching from the air conditioned comfort of a tour bus. To make the most of your visit you must put on your walking shoes, take to the streets (and the water), and join in.

More info or who to contact, Sarawak Tourism Board


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